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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment 


The start

  • When the wheels arrive on site we carry out an initial inspection and assess the level of work required with the customer.

Stripping the wheels

  • Once the tyres, valves, weights and centre caps have been removed from the wheels, they are submerged in an industrial chemical stripper specifically designed for alloy wheels.  This removes the original coating and leaves the bare aluminium wheels ready for blasting, which gets rid of any corrosion and keys the suface for the powder coat primer. 

Repair work


         At this point the wheels are bare metal which enables us to to repair most types of damage including scuffs,                kerb marks, cracks and bends. 

Coating Process


        The wheels are placed inside our purpose built oven and preheated to degas them.  This prevents any                             trapped gases in the porous casting of the wheel to come through once the primer is sprayed on. Once the                     wheels are up to temperature, they are removed from the oven and are coated with a powder primer, followed             by the colour of your choice in either powder or paint.  A final lacquer coat is applied for a glossy finish and                   added protection. The wheels are then left to cool to room temperature . 


         Once the wheels have cooled, we fit a new valve stem and refit the tyre.  The tyre pressure is then set according          to the vehicle and the wheels are then balanced using adhesive weights to ensure that the new coating does not          get damaged. Finally, they are placed and torqued correctly back on the car.  


A collection of wheels we have refurbished


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